MUNKS Album Art

Munks EP cover art, colours and fonts by Studio Foyne

Munks is an alternative pop/rock band from Haarlem.

The problem

Munks came to us in need of branding that fitted their style. They had worked with a few photographers and stylists before but had no clear direction in translating their music into words or art.  

How we helped

We helped them clarify their vision through a workshop and brainstorm. All the evidence pointed to ‘a grunge rock core with funky sweetness layered on top’. After the brainstorm we first tightened up their logo, then began working on the cover art voor their release ‘We Are Munks’.

Munks EP cover art, by Studio Foyne

The result

For the cover art, we juxtaposed a monkshood flower (very poisonous) with monk fruit (150x sweeter than sugar) in a pop-art edition and a dark galaxy edition. Munks enjoyed an explosive release in Patronaat Haarlem and sold almost all of the copies during the show. 

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