Jacomijn Vlamings

Preview of Jacomijn Vlamings' new website

Jacomijn Vlamings trains creators, entrepeneurs and high achievers. In a fairly brief time span, we created a brand new website for Jacomijn’s personal business.

Studio Foyne quickly created a website for my business that can attract, but also stimulate, challenge and inspire my ideal client in an innovative, creative, and playful but professional way. Including opportunities to expand online services for my own creative entrepreneurship. In short, my ideal partner for this project.

Jacomijn Vlamings

We challenged ourselves with rethinking the design in order for the new website to:

  • Inform visitors unfamiliar with Jacomijn Vlamings, who may benefit from her work (growing her clientele)
  • Rank better in search engine results, to reach those looking for this type of training
  • Offer a source of inspiring materials for both clients and clients-to-be.

Educate & Inspire

Whereas the old website was mostly black and white, the new design is based on vibrant colours that radiate vigor and excellence.

The flow of the landing page is designed towards the user taking action: Taking the important first step of reaching out.

The new informative pages educate unaware visitors about the workings and potential of Jacomijn’s training.

The new ‘Food for Thought’ area offers a wide variety of valuable resources to further inspire clients.

Built with expandability in mind

The new website was built using a combination of Eleventy, TailwindCSS and Alpine.js. This lightweight stack allows us to easily update the contents of the pages.

Expansion of the core features of the site down the road will be fairly trouble-free, thanks to the flexible foundation we have set up.

Short and Sweet

During this project we learned that good web design does not always require a massive time investment in order to achieve great results. In this case, the whole process took us less than a month.

With limited time and resources, we have come up with a colourful, future proof redesign of Jacomijn’s website.

Feeling inspired? A similar project in mind?

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