Has a fascination for all things digital. Comes from a theoretical background in media studies. Hobbies include hiking, cycling, cooking and craft beer.


Hails from a background in art, design and education. Hobbies include guitar, singing, photography and reading. currently studying up on asian culture.


Studio Foyne was founded in Amsterdam by two digital natives with a shared passion for media and design. Whether it be drawing up a new logo, coding a flashy web-animation or running after a go-kart with a camera in hand: we pride ourselves with an ever-expanding variety of skills to make things happen.


As a creative duo, we complement each other well. While Sem takes on the styling and makes sure that the colours are a good match, Tiede is in charge of the research, writing cold hard code and attractive copy.

our network

Sometimes, a job is too big for just the two of us. This is why we work closely with other experts from our network of creatives to offer services tailored to the size of your project.


we kick off every project by defining goals and parameters. this way, we can deliver a style that complements personality, build user-friendly interfaces and deepen the experience through compelling content.

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